9 Benefits of Private Yoga

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Are you deciding if private yoga is worth the investment? Read on to learn the benefits of private yoga lessons.

1-1 Attention

One-on-one, individualized, undivided attention is something that you just can’t get in a class setting. One-on-one attention means that the teacher is focused on you, helping you achieve your goals, and maybe even creating personalized flows for you on the back end. This means that everything you do in your session is intentional and purposed for you.

Location Convenience

These days of private yoga, many teachers will travel to your home or even your workplace to provide services. Or, like me, you can have your sessions done virtually from the comfort of wherever you are.

Guide To In-Person Yoga Classes

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Work Around Your Schedule

Have you ever been in a situation where you just can’t find a class time that works with your schedule? Class schedules are usually set in stone and may only change every three or six months. With private yoga, you can find a teacher that has open slots available for you. If not, most teachers are willing to work with students and find something that fits their schedule. This means that if Saturday is the only day that you can fit in a yoga practice, there is a teacher out there for you that can work around your schedule.

Be More Comfortable

If you were a person that feels uncomfortable in a class environment, or maybe you have some type of social anxiety, private sessions would be a perfect fit for you. In a private session, it’s just you and the teacher, and typically it should be a judgment-free zone. Ultimately this will make the experience more comfortable than a traditional class setting.

Beginner Friendly

Been to a class marketed as ” beginner-friendly,” only to get in it and realize that it’s not as beginner-friendly as it was made out to be? With a private yoga class, everything is tailored and structured for you and where you’re at. If you’re a beginner, this would be a great introduction to yoga to learn the basics and feel confident in your yoga practice.

Prepare for Group Classes

Similar to the beginner-friendly comments, private yoga sessions can help you prepare for a group class. Many people started their yoga practice at home through YouTube or some other virtual platform during the pandemic and are ready to enter back into the world and go to an in-person yoga class. A private yoga class can help prepare you for this.


A yoga instructor in class settings will try to queue in a way and structure class so that most everyone will be safe. However, if you’re new to understanding how your body works and moves, that can be a hazard all on its own. When you’re in a private yoga session, everything is designed for where you’re at, and your teacher is watching your every move. The risk of injury is dramatically reduced with the collaboration of what you’re feeling and what the teacher is seeing.

Confidential and Safe Space

A private yoga session can be a great place to discuss whatever your ailments are or if you have stressors that you’re trying to relieve. Sometimes, we don’t want to say this in the middle of the yoga studio before or after class. In a private yoga class, your instructor should create a confidential and safe space for you to share what you need and what and what you’re looking to get out of your yoga practice. However, private yoga is not a substitute for mental health counseling. Yoga teachers are not therapists.

Life Improvements

Private yoga can help you reach whatever (reasonable) goals you go in with. Whether that be stress reduction, anxiety reduction, flexibility, strength, etc., with a private yoga practice, you can improve your life.

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I’m a virtual yoga instructor with a passion for teaching functional yoga and beginners.

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