Hi, I'm Ariel

I’m the owner of Ariel Simone Yoga! I’m honored you’re here and excited to share with you a little bit about myself and my own yoga journey.

How i "fell" into teaching yoga

I spent 5 years in public education as a teacher. I quickly learned that being a teacher was stressful. I particularly struggled to relax enough to sleep at night. This is where I found yoga. Yoga helped me through 5 hard years of teaching. While I started yoga to help me sleep and de-stress, I experienced positive physical benefits as well. After about 5 years of practicing yoga on and off, I decided to go all and attend a 200-hr teacher training in the spring of 2019. Since then, I’ve been teaching group corporate yoga classes in the DFW area.

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level. I teach Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Chair Yoga. I am passionate about helping others find what type of yoga is best for them and how to make yoga work with their body. I often hear people say, “I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible”. I want to teach people that yoga is not about flexibility and the physical aspect is only ONE part of yoga. If you’re here because you’re thinking about starting yoga, getting back into it, or learning how to have a better experience, I want to encourage you to take that step! 

A Little More Info

Here’s a little personal info:
I’m a thirty-something-year-old who grew up in Arlington, TX and still live in the DFW area. I have a wonderful husband named Stephen. We’ve married almost 4 years and friends since we were 16! I quit my job as a music educator to pursue Master’s degrees in Music Therapy and Counseling. I play guitar, piano, and I love to sing. I enjoy non-spiritual yoga, and Faith-based yoga. Click here to learn why I started yoga and decided to become a yoga teacher. (LINK).


It is my belief that the yoga student knows their body better than I ever will. My role is to help you discover what you don’t know about your body and how to help you have a more comfortable yoga practice and life, whether that be physical or mental. I believe in a collaborative role between the yoga teacher and yoga student. This involves creating a safe space for both the student and teacher to communicate freely. 


I am a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ. While I identify as a Christian, I do not believe in pushing my beliefs on my yoga students. I do not brand myself as a Christian yoga teacher, and I do not generally provide faith-based yoga. (If you are interested in that, we can discuss what it might look like.) So why am I saying this? I think it is important for you to know the person that is your yoga teacher. With that being said, I believe in the compassion Christianity that is often lost in this time. This includes equal rights for all groupss. It is my opinion that my beliefs make me a more compassionate and understanding yoga teacher. I believe everyone deserves peace of mind, whether we share the same beliefs or disagree on everything. It is my goal and purpose to use yoga to help you find whatever that peace is for you.

When I'm Not Teaching Yoga...

When I’m not teaching yoga, I’m busy:
–Being a wife to my loving husband
–Working part-time as a virtual health coach
–Working on assignments for grad school
–Making music
–Watching TV
–Reading a book

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