How to Prepare for Virtual Yoga

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Whether you’re doing YouTube, LiveStream Class, or Private Yoga, there are a few things that may make your experience a bit better. Let’s take a look at how to prepare for virtual yoga.

1. Clear a space/Minimize distractions

I know this can be hard when you’re doing yoga at home. Finding a place to practice can be hard between significant others, animals, kids, and small spaces. 


In the best-case scenario, you have a whole room or section of a space that’s dedicated to yoga or any other activities you do like prayer or exercise. If not, consider making sure the room you’re using is clean and tidy. When I’m writing this, my husband and I live in a 768 sq. ft. apartment. The living room is also my office, study space for grad school, and yoga studio – oh, and the kitchen is two steps away. I understand the struggle. It can be hard to relax when the pile of laundry you need to fold is staring at you from the chair you threw it in. I find I’m less distracted when everything is organized and put away. I also try to practice when it’s just me in the apartment and my husband is out (or asleep!).


For those that have kids, perhaps your partner or someone in your village can hold it down so you can get 30-60 minutes to nurture yourself.

2. Mat/Props

The Purpose of Yoga Props are not a MUST to have a successful yoga practice, but they definitely help. If you’re looking to get props, I recommend starting with TWO yoga blocks. With two yoga blocks, you can pretty much work out the rest with household items.

On the Blog: Purpose of Yoga Props

On the Blog: Yoga Props at Home

Hugger Mugger offers a wide range of props and it’s where I get my bolsters/cushions.

Gaiam also offers a variety of props on the more affordable end; Manduka does as well, but on the higher end.

Guide To In-Person Yoga Classes

This detailed guide covers information on class type, typical class titles/what they mean, as well as tips on what to do before, during, and after class!

Get your free copy now!

3 Camera/Laptop Placement for Livestream/Private

If you’re doing virtual private lessons or a virtual class where the teacher can see you, you want to make sure they can see as much as possible.

Make sure the camera is tall enough and wide enough.

  • You’ll most likely need to have your device/camera in landscape mode.
  • Your device will need to be a good distance away from you. The closer you are, the tighter the shot. The farther you are, the wider the shot.
  • Optional Wide lens for phone/tablet/laptop


  • Make sure your light source is in front of you. When light is behind you, it casts a shadow on your face. For example, ceiling fans tend to be in the center of the room; if you’re using it as your light source, the light needs to be in between you and your camera.
  • Natural light – natural light from windows and doors is a great option for daytime sessions. If you’re using this as your light source, be sure to face the window, so the light shines on your body. If you’re not using the window as a light source, you might want to close the blinds.


This is the ring light I currently use.

4 Do a video/microphone test

If you’re paying for a session, I seriously recommend a video/mic test before every session. This way you’ll maximize the time and investment you’ve put into the session. It may seem tedious but it never hurts to check – ESPECIALLY if you’re working with an unfamiliar platform.

5. Consider wireless headphones

I mentioned earlier that you’ll want your device farther away from you than you would in a regular video call. Because of this, you may not be able to hear the instructor as well, and in a private session, when you speak, your instructor may not be able to listen to you. If you have wireless headphones, you’re taking the speaker and mic with you wherever you go.


I am an Android girl, so I use the Galaxy Buds for many of my calls.


(Optional) Tools to Enhance Your Virtual Yoga Session

You don’t need to run out and buy a bunch of stuff if you’re only using video conferencing for virtual yoga. However, if you’ve invested in a home practice, you may consider purchasing a few of these items. After almost 2 years in a pandemic, you can find tools to enhance your video conferencing at most stores and several price points.

  • Wide lens for phones/laptops (gives you a wider shot in a small space!) The set I have is unavailable so I found a similar kit here
  • Ring light
  • Microphone/earbuds
  • Stand that holds phone/tablet

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