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Do any of These Ring a Bell?

You’ve always wanted to try yoga but are uncomfortable going into a studio.

Your doctor or therapist has recommended yoga to help with your physical or mental health.

You’ve been practicing yoga for awhile and want to explore a more personalized experience.

You’ve been doing yoga at home, and are wondering if you’re on the track.

You have some aches and pains that you want to get rid and think that yoga might help.

You want to deepen your practice and learn more about yoga.

If you answered YES, private yoga might be a good fit for you!

Private sessions allow you to have an individualized yoga experience. In a class setting, yoga teachers strive to use general cues and modifications for everyone. In a private session, I will tailor and align all of my instructions for your specific needs.

1-Hour Sessions

I offer 50-minute private sessions and can incorporate various forms of yoga. These forms are: Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, and Chair/Adaptive.

Before your first session, you’ll receive an intake form. In this form, you’ll answer a few simple questions about what your goals are and what you’ve been experiencing. This information is completely confidential. Click here for the privacy policy.

In your first 60-minute session, we will go over your intake form and discuss how we’ll move forward with your practice. We will do a short flow consisting of foundational poses so that I can gain a better understanding of how your body moves. I will also ask you to tell me what you feel in each of those poses in order to work collaboratively. After that, we’ll wrap up the session.

Check out my philosophy on working 1-1 with clients.

If we continue to work together, all subsequent sessions will be based on your overall goals and your present needs that day.

Check out this blog post about What to Expect in a Private Yoga Session

Express Sessions

The Express Session is a 25-minute private yoga session that is ideal for the busy yogi or the yogi that needs just a little bit of guidance in a problem area. 

Reasons for booking might be…..

Wanting feedback on the alignment of a certain pose(s)

Help with a transition

Examples on how to stretch a certain area

In need of a short meditation or yoga nidra

Examples on how to modify a pose(s)

Many other things!

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10 Minute Consultation

Have a few questions? These short calls are great for those that are unsure about the process, or those who have booked and what to check your camera setup before your first session! You can check the FAQs here or schedule a 10-minute call with me, free of charge! 

check out the simple process to a more comfortable yoga experience!



Choose your session type and package.



Sign-up right here on the website! No need to book a consultation call or wait for an answer.



Show up for your session and gain more understanding into your yoga practice.

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